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The 2011 Tandem Tours

Come tour with Rich and Lindy, riding through tandem friendly country side. Tours are created with tandem riding in mind, combining beautiful views, the best roads and routes, and interesting sights along the way. The tours include hotels; detailed routes, cue sheets, and maps; and baggage transfer. Share ride highlights and laugh with the other tandem riders at our numerous group get-togethers/Happy Hours and group dinners. Catch up with your tandem friends or make new friends in these welcoming tandem tours.

The tour packages include:

(The tours are limited to eight couples on tandems)

French Canada

Saturday, June 25th through Sunday, July 3rd

Join us for a weeklong tandem tour in French Canada, with its spectacular people, foods, and traditions. Ride your tandem in Montreregie and the Eastern Townships, south and east of Montreal. Enjoy the cultural and architectural heritage, riding through hamlets and villages considered the most beautiful in Quebec.

This is a fun tour with lots to see and tandem friendly rides. Mostly flat to rolling riding on quiet country roads. Tour old forts, visit an old cidery and ride past apple orchards. Visit a duck farm and an art glass studio. Come on north and enjoy. Bon Voyage!

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Thousand Islands

Saturday, July 9th through Sunday, July 17th

Explore the 1000 Islands region of upper New York and Canada. Experience the beautiful river and rolling countryside, learning why this area became the millionaire's playground in the 1800's. Take in the spectacular views of the 1000 Islands aboard a cruise, seeing romantic castles, villas, and awesome landscape. Discover the British and American history that awaits you around every corner. Delight in the Canadian hospitality and the American resort ambiance. Taste the great foods of two countries. Explore historic villages and wonderful coastal by-ways.

Join us on Saturday in Watertown. The evening lodging and dinner are included in the tour. Come early and enjoy the museums of this "up-state" small city. Set up your tandem and get settled in, ready for tomorrow.

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Finger Lakes Tandem Tour

Saturday, July 23rd through Sunday, July 31st

Enjoy traveling around this gorgeous land of lakes and vineyards. We will be riding 3 of the distinctive Finger Lakes, passing by Canandaigua, Seneca, and Keuka Lakes, with an abundance of wonderful biking. Cycle along the lakeshores, riding past waterfalls, orchards, vineyards, and spectacular views.

Relax at our lakefront lodging on Canandaigua Lake. Discover the beauty of Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua, strolling through the nationally famous color gardens established there in the mid 1800's. We'll pass sprawling fields of colorful crops, like sunflowers on Canandaigua Lake and rolling vineyards on Keuka and Seneca Lakes. Enjoy tandeming along valleys, hills, and across farmlands with quiet country roads. Taste the best of New York State - great food at restaurants overlooking the water, fine wines like Merlots and Chardonnays from vineyards overlooking Seneca Lake, and grape pies from farms near Canandaigua Lake.

Explore the wonderful Watkins Glen gorge, where rippling waterfalls cut through the deep stone. Learn about the early days of bike, motorcycle, and flying inventions at the Hammondsport Glen Curtiss Museum. Enjoy the distinctive character of Hammondsport by Keuka Lake. As you ride, you'll discover why this region of New York State has been valued as a beautiful summer getaway.

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